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Reopening Facts: COVID-19

Subject to Change and Reviewed Daily

Last Updated 1st September 2020


We appreciate this is a very worrying time for all and understandably Parents have many questions regarding the current global situation and how this affects their child’s education.  We hope the following FAQs will help answer your queries.


  • Is Pippa Pop-ins open?
    As per Government instruction, we opened for the Summer Term on 1st June.  The Autumn Term began on 1st September.  


  • Why is Pippa Pop-ins reopening?
    We are opening in accordance with Government instructions.  The Government are keen to get children back into formal education.

    The Department for Education has provided the following information on this topic.

    “The Government wants to get all children back into education as soon as the scientific advice allows because it is the best place for them to learn and we know how important it is for their wellbeing to have social interactions with their peers, carers and teachers.  Children returning to childcare settings in greater numbers will also allow more families to return to work”.  Source:


  • Where can I find information about your return to school plan and risk assessment?
    Reopening the Nursery Schools requires meticulous planning.  Further information can be found on our following website page, 
    This risk assessment will be subject to continual review and re-evaluation. 

    The Government have advised that “there is high scientific confidence that children of all ages have less severe symptoms if they contract Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Young children are less likely to become unwell if they are infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19).”  Source:


  • Will the children be socially distancing?
    Keeping young children at a social distance, will not be possible.  The Department for Education has provided the following information on this topic.
    “We know that, unlike older children and adults, Early Years aged children cannot be expected to remain 2 meters apart from each other and staff.  In deciding to bring more children back to Early Years settings, the Government has taken this into account”.  Source:


  • Will I receive a refund for sessions missed if my child is required to isolate due to having COVID-19 symptoms or if a child or teacher in their class tests positive to COVID-19?
    We will not be refunding any sessions due to sickness or isolation. 
  • Will the 14 day quarantine period affect our child, if we travel overseas?
    Should anybody travel overseas and the Government imposes a 14-day quarantine period, all families would have to adhere to it.