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Job Details from Parents

NEW LISTING: Weekend / Holiday Nanny


Dear teachers, we are looking for a weekend half-day (2-3 hrs) nanny at home for Leila Li (165 NKR), please. The time and day can be discussed with some flexibility. The hourly rate can be discussed. We live in Fulham, the postcode is SW6 2LE. Please contact me if you are interested.


Thank you. Kind regards

Ms Flora Ma

07935 026 670

Babysitting from 6pm after Nursery

Mrs d’Andigne is looking for someone to bring Galaad home from Nursery, give him his bath and dinner and put him to sleep.  They live two minutes away from the nursery.


They need someone occasionally.

Baby Sitting


Mrs Govers at 165 - Elisa is in Tiddly Pops

Early Mornings


From Olivia Shi's family, I am looking for someone to be able to help us drop off Olivia in the morning, I would like to try my luck whether any teacher in The school could be available?


We are living in Putney Sw15.

Additional Help Needed


Please see a message below, from Mrs Grandi, mother of Lionel De Surgeloose at 5KP.


I am looking for some additional help (will not be a routine/fixed job) with Lionel De Surgeloose.  We live in Lancaster Gate.


This request is for certain dates - previously agreed between us.  It could be afternoons during the weekend and/or evenings when my husband and I have a dinner/other commitment planned.


We would like to request some help from Pippa Pop-ins teachers because Lionel knows you already from Nursery.


The amount of work cannot be estimated at this time, but it could be once or twice a month, so very limited...!


If this is of interest please email me or speak to me in Nursery.