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Seeking assistance during COVID-19


Posted – 30.03.20


Parents of Lea Schammo at 430 currently 3 PMS in Tiddy Pops.  Joshua left in transition in 2018.

Address:            Flat 1, 47 Nevern Square, SW5 9PF

Mummy    -       Ms Tanabe                     Banker - Nomura International PLC        07825978950

Daddy       -       Doctor Schammo          Academic - Durham University                07710575826


Additional Help Needed


Please see a message below, from Mrs Grandi, mother of Lionel De Surgeloose at 5KP.


I am looking for some additional help (will not be a routine/fixed job) with Lionel De Surgeloose.  We live in Lancaster Gate.


This request is for certain dates - previously agreed between us.  It could be afternoons during the weekend and/or evenings when my husband and I have a dinner/other commitment planned.


We would like to request some help from Pippa Pop-ins teachers because Lionel knows you already from Nursery.


The amount of work cannot be estimated at this time, but it could be once or twice a month, so very limited...!


If this is of interest please email me or speak to me in Nursery.



Mrs Benjelloun


Mum of Meryem Ellarchi who attends 165 New King's Road would like to some babysitting help on Fridays from 6pm for 4 hours and Saturday afternoons from 2.30 pm. If interested, please contact her directly: 



Homework help / Afternoon

We are a friendly and relaxed family of four based in Parsons Green (2mins walk from the metro station).


Our son Louis (3) is in Dragonflies at 430. Our daughter Victoire (5) used to be at 430 and is now in Reception at Kensington Prep.


We are looking for someone to take care of them:

  • Twice a week from 4:00/4:30ish to 7.00
  • Ideally on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • To help with homework, writing, play, read etc.
  • One child at a time as their nanny is also there - the idea being to be able to spend time one-on-one