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New Request:

Help During Christmas Break 


Our wonderful nanny is going to be away at the end of December.


We wanted to see if any staff would be interested in helping us with our Children - Jack (4), Maddie (3), and Matthew (3) Shanley - after Christmas (Dec 27) until the start of School of school (January 3rd).  


We would be open to someone coming each day for the full day (~9am - 7pm), or for specific times and days that work for them.  We would also be happy to pay double rate on the days falling on a bank holiday.  


Our family will be present throughout the time – so the expectation is not to look after all three children at once – rather to help the family care for the children while our nanny is on Holiday.  We are located on 40 Fernhurst Road in Fulham. 


If anyone is interested, please contact Lauren Shanley on 07708 506724


Thank you!


Lauren Shanley



Full Time Nanny



My friend and I are looking for a full time nanny to share Monday-Friday 8/8:30-4:30/5 starting in September 2022 for my daughter Eloise (9 months) and her son Graham (1 year). This will be a one year position as both Eloise and Graham will start at Pippa in September 2023.

The nanny will watch both children at the same time at our house in Parsons Green.

Both myself and my friend have current children at Pippa (my Madeleine at 430 and her son Bowen Wilson at 165).

If any interest please message me at 07875967743.


Many thanks

Julia Bierwirth






Looking for an after school expert nanny


We are a family living in Fulham (closest tube stop is Fulham Broadway - 5 mins away) with two boys, Alexander, 7, and Sebastian, 4 soon.  We are looking for a caring, fun and expert nanny starting from September 2022.


Main responsibilities would include picking up the children from school (7 mins walk to our house via the park), stimulating them with acitivities and games, helping our younger child at bathtime, taking them to scheduled activities (if any) or the playground, providing light support with homeworks.


We are looking for someone with nursery and/ or primary school/ KS1 experience who loves playing with children and helping them develop through play. 


Total week hours and timings can be flexible but we are broadly looking for someone to help us from Monday to Friday - from 2.30/3 pm to 6.30/7pm.




Mrs Valeria Corna

tel: 07531 844 880






General Babysitting Request

Dr Brewer Lemoine, Amelia's Mother 165 Dragonflies, was wondering whether any of her teachers offer babysitting outside of nursery hours.  If so, please see her contact details below.


Francesca Brewer Lemoine

Tel: 07595 359 511






Rory Ellis' mummy is looking for a teacher who would be able to do some babysitting.  Preferably the teachers that know Rory (165).


Yasmine Ellis

07812 590 092



Weekend / Holiday Nanny


Dear teachers, we are looking for a weekend half-day (2-3 hrs) nanny at home for Leila Li (165 NKR), please. The time and day can be discussed with some flexibility. The hourly rate can be discussed. We live in Fulham, the postcode is SW6 2LE. Please contact me if you are interested.


Thank you. Kind regards

Ms Flora Ma

07935 026 670

Babysitting from 6pm after Nursery

Mrs d’Andigne is looking for someone to bring Galaad home from Nursery, give him his bath and dinner and put him to sleep.  They live two minutes away from the nursery.


They need someone occasionally.

Baby Sitting


Mrs Govers at 165 - Elisa is in Tiddly Pops

Early Mornings


From Olivia Shi's family, I am looking for someone to be able to help us drop off Olivia in the morning, I would like to try my luck whether any teacher in The school could be available?


We are living in Putney Sw15.