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Pippa Pop-ins has excellent connections to the leading Schools in London.  The majority of children from Pippa Pop-ins go onto private Pre-Prep Schools, however there are some excellent local Church of England and Catholic State Schools.  As with any choice in life, there are always advantages and disadvantages, needless to say, selecting a School for your child, is no different.  Please do enquire about Schools you have heard about through friends, colleagues and family, although we must stress that ultimately what suits one child, may not suit another.  Miss Rachel, our Principal would be delighted to discuss different options and suitability with you.


There are a number of excellent schools within the area. Please click on the name of the Pre-Prep School to be redirected to their website.  Further down this page, you will find our Leaver Destinations.

Leavers Destinations
Please see below for the list of schools our children have gone onto.  If you click on the name of the Pre-Prep / Primary School you will be redirected to their website.



Bute House44


Bousfield Primary School 001    
Cameron Vale School 121    
Chepstow House551    
Eaton House Belgravia475    
Eaton House Clapham031    
L'Ecole des Petits102    
Falkner House (Boys)442    
Falkner House (Girls)324    
Fox Primary School013    
Francis Holland022    
Fulham Prep630    
Garden House (Boys)547    
Garden House (Girls)586    
Glendower School674    
Harrodian School 211    
Holy Cross 110    
Hurlingham School111    
Hill House151    
Kensington Prep 14715    
Merlin School 030    
Newton Prep101    
Notting Hill Prep200    
Parsons Green Prep363    
Pembridge Hall8108    
Brighton College200    
Putney High School324    
Queen's Gate 202    
Ravenscourt Park Prep030    
Southbank International010    
The American School in London110    
The Hall School010    
The Harrodian220    
The Rowans, Wimbledon100    
Thomas's Fulham 151521    
Thomas's Battersea250    
Thomas's Clapham 100    
Thomas's Kensington754    
Westminster CCS313    
Wimbledon College Preparatory School 001    
Outside London Schools110