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Parent Partnership

New Parents Presentation

New Parents are invited to an introduction, which is held the term before your child is confirmed to start.  This is an opportunity for you to meet Miss Rachel, Principal of Pippa Pop-ins, your Head of Nursery and various other members of our Team.  We will explain the day to day running of the school, the settling-in period and answer any questions you may have. We kindly ask you not to bring your children to this event.



For parents, we understand how the first day can be an emotional time and we will work with you to help you through this settling-in process.  

You can liaise with your teacher about staying with your child during the first part of the day and collecting early in the first few weeks.  We advise that you come for an Introductory Session with your child the term before he/she is confirmed to start.


On the last day of your child’s school week, you will be handed a school bag which contains your ‘My Chatterbox’.  We kindly ask you to empty your child’s schoolbag over the weekend and return it on your child’s first day back together with your ‘My Chatterbox’.

My Chatterbox
Parents are encouraged to write about their child’s weekend adventures (however small), holiday dates, illnesses, teething issues and any other information that you feel is relevant in this weekly diary.  The Up, Up and Away page contains weekly information regarding your child’s development and activities at school.  It also includes our term dates, topic lists, child’s class friends and any other information regarding the school year.


Parents Evening
Parents are invited to attend a Parents Evening.  This gives you the opportunity to meet with your child’s Teacher and to talk about their progress.  A variety of equipment and methods of teaching will be on display. The school's office provide a jot form for you to complete with the dates and times.

We write two year old progress check reports and Transition end of year (summer) reports which are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage areas. 

Two Year Old Progress Checks
Progress checks will be given to parents when their child is between 2 and 2.5 years old.  Many health visitors will ask to see these reports. Please refer to should you require further information.

Parents Show and Tell
We invite parents to participate in Show and Tell at 9.15 am or 2.30 pm, this can include reading a story, singing songs, playing a musical instrument, making crafts or baked goods or talking about a talent or a subject of interest.