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Guide to Registering

Please read through the following information prior to completing your registration form.  The registration form is located at the bottom of this webpage.  Once your child has been offered a place, you will be invited for a private tour of the Nursery.


Registration Fee

At the time of your child's registration, a non-refundable registration fee of £150 is payable. This registration fee is payable at the end of this form and must be paid online in order to submit this registration form. 


Payment of the registration fee does not guarantee a place at Pippa Pop-ins, but ensures that your child’s name will be added to the registration list/waitlist


Age of Entry
Children enter Pippa Pop-ins in an academic year. Children must have turned 1 years old by 31st August, in order to start in the following academic year, which runs from 1st September to 31st August.


Pippa Pop-ins has three Academic Year: Tiddly Pops, Dragonflies and Transition. 


Academic Year

Pippa Pop-ins Year Group

Age of Child

1st September to 31st August

Tiddly Pops

Turning 2 Years Old within the Academic Year

1st September to 31st August


Turning 3 Years Old within the Academic Year

1st September to 31st August


Turning 4 Years Old within the Academic Year


The majority of children join Pippa Pop-ins at the beginning of the academic year (end of August/beginning of September).  Children can be admitted in the Spring Term or Summer Term according to the availability of places.  Please note the numerical years, refer to the beginning of the Academic Year, i.e. the Autumn Term.


Date of Birth








1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018

Tiddly Pops







1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019


Tiddly Pops






1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020



Tiddly Pops





1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021




Tiddly Pops




1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022





Tiddly Pops




Date of Birth
Your child’s exact date of birth will affect your future offer.  It is vital that you inform us of your child’s date of birth, if you submit a due date on your registration form. Children are placed in a year group and classroom according to their age and academic year.  Please record your child’s date of birth in the British Format, DD/MM/YYYY.


Please note that we also look at dates of birth and gender to balance our classes.

Registering Prior to Birth
We are happy to accept registration forms prior to the birth of your child, however, registration will only be accepted after your first trimester. 


On the registration form please put Baby where it requests first name and the baby’s due date where it requests date of birth.


Even if you have decided a name, please do not write this on your registration form.  Please do use Baby for the first name.

In order to maximise your chances of gaining a place, we recommend that you are as flexible as possible, with regards to the location and the session choices. We do however suggest that you only register for locations and sessions that you would be happy accepting and will work for your family. Current children do have a priority on our waitlist and therefore if you accept afternoon sessions, your child will remain on our waitlist for mornings/full days, if these sessions are your preference.

Sessions Offered at Pippa Pop-ins Per Week
•5 Mornings

• 3 Afternoons

• 4 Afternoons

•5 Afternoons

•5 Full Days

•4 Full Days and 1 Morning

•3 Full Days and 2 Mornings

•2 Full Days and 3 Mornings

•1 Full Day 4 Mornings

Guidance Notes for Starting Dates


The Autumn Term (starting end of August / beginning September) is the start of the academic year and our main intake. Offers for Autumn Term places are sent out *from the October/November prior.


The Spring Term starts in January and is part way through the academic year (it is the second term). Offers for Spring Term places are sent out *from the September/October prior. Places will only be offered to children registered to start in the Spring Term if a child withdraws from the school and a place becomes available.


The Summer Term (usually starting in April) is part way through the academic year (it is the third term). Offers for Summer Term places are sent out *from the January/February prior. Places will only be offered to children registered to start in the Summer Term if a child withdraws from the school and a place becomes available.


Registration List
All children are added to a registration list (waitlist) when they register for a place at Pippa Pop-ins.


Waitlist Information
Our Nursery Places are offered out in a fair and methodical order and the offering process is an ongoing procedure throughout the year as places are allocated and then accepted or declined. Please note that we are restricted by the number of children within each classroom.
Our waitlists are constantly changing and unfortunately, it is impossible for us to predict when we will be able to offer your child a place. Consequently, we do not give out a waitlist number, as this can be misleading. Our Registration Lists (waitlists) are different for each school, year group, classroom and session type.

If your child does not receive a place to start in your requested term they will remain on the waitlist until a place becomes available.


Pippa Pop-ins offers a sibling priority on the waitlist, however we still do require parents to register their younger children as early as possible. Whilst our registration policy helps siblings, it should be noted that we cannot offer places if the class is full. The sibling priority will not stand if the older child has left prior to the Summer Term of Transition Class.


The Offer
When you are offered a place, it is as per your registration and the priorities on our waitlist. If you request to change your offer, please note that your child will be placed back on the waitlist until those particular sessions are available.

If you accept an offer of a place, your child can remain on our waitlist for any changes or session increases. Current children have a priority on the waitlist.


When a place is offered to a child, Parents will then be invited to a private visit at the Nursery.  Parents will not be able to accept a place without touring the Nursery.  We feel it is important that you see the Nursery your child will be attending and be personally familiar with our ethos and the Pippa Pop-ins journey your child will take. 


Acceptance Deadline
When you are offered a place, you will only be given a couple of days in order to accept the place. This is to help everyone on the waitlist.  You will be given the opportunity to see the Nursery, if you have not previously visited.


Accepting a Place
In order to accept a place, Parents are required to complete an Acceptance Form and pay the Acceptance Fee and if required by the School, a Parent Bond (certain circumstances only, please see below) online, using the link provided by the acceptance deadline.


Pippa Pop-ins Journey
We expect all children to complete their journey at Pippa Pop-ins, up to and including the final term of Transition Class. Transition is the final year at Pippa Pop-ins.


Acceptance Fee
The Acceptance Fee is payable when you accept a place at Pippa Pop-ins. The Acceptance Payment which is non-refundable, is deducted from a child’s Transition Year Summer Term Invoice.  Transition is the final year of Pippa Pop-ins prior to Reception year.