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Church School and Community Centre in Polgawatha, Sri Lanka


Since the Autumn Term of 2015, Pippa Pop-ins has been supporting the building of a Community Centre/Church Hall in Polgawatha which is a small village situated in the Western Province of Sri Lanka (about 20 kilometres from the City of Colombo).  Polgawatha Church has a mixed community made up of mainly Buddhists and Catholics.  The Catholic Church provided the land and the Church Community started the fund-raising campaign back in 2013.  The village (largely made of low-income families) came together and contributed in every way they could in order to make this a reality.  Pippa Pop-ins funded the costs of completing the construction of the School building as well as providing desks, chairs and benches for the classrooms.



As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Pippa Pop-ins Curriculum, our Children learn about the world and different cultures as well as the importance of kindness, generosity and helping those less fortunate. The Church School and Community Centre in Polgawatha, Sri Lanka has become part of the learning in Transition Year.