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Amended Registration Procedure due to COVID-19:


In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we have amended our registration process.  Parents are now able to register their child for our registration list/waitlist without viewing the Nursery. 


When a place is offered to a child, Parents will then be invited to a private visit at the Nursery during an out of hours time slot.  Parents will not be able to accept a place without touring the Nursery.  We feel it is important that you see the Nursery your child will be attending and be personally familiar with our ethos and the Pippa Pop-ins journey your child will take. 


Please email the School Office ( to request our Guide to Registration, which contains the link to our Registration Form.



165 New King's Road, 233 New King's Road, 430 Fulham Road and 5 Kensington Place


We encourage the children to walk, bike, scooter and actively travel to school and children living in the same postcode area as the school, will receive a priority on our waitlist. 


Please do consider your child’s journey time prior to adding multiple school locations and only add options that you would be happy accepting.  It is a good idea to take the time to make your journey between your home and our school before making additional selections.  If you wish to plan your journey online, please visit,