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Visit Pippa Pop-ins


Please contact the Schools Office on 020 7731 1445 to arrange a private visit at the Nursery.  We feel it is important that Parents see the Nursery and be personally familiar with our ethos and the Pippa Pop-ins journey their child will take.


We encourage the children to walk, bike, scooter and actively travel to school and children living in the same postcode area as the school, will receive a priority on our waitlist. 


Please do consider your child’s journey time prior to adding multiple school locations and only add options that you would be happy accepting.  It is a good idea to take the time to make your journey between your home and our schools before making selections.  If you wish to plan your journey online, please visit,

Parents' Feedback from Private Tours


“We thoroughly enjoyed our tour yesterday morning and are very impressed by the nursery and what it offers for early years learning and development. The fantastic staff, facilities, curriculum and activities all made for a fun and nurturing environment which was certainly reflective of how engaged and happy the children were as we walked around. We would be absolutely delighted to be able to send Oliver to Pippa Pop-ins.”

Parents of Oliver, June 2022


“Thank you, Miss Amy for giving us the most wonderful tour earlier today! We were so blown away by all that you are doing at Pippa Pop-ins and the incredibly loving and exciting environment you’ve created for your young people. We would love to register Jasper.” 

Parents of Jasper, November 2022


“Miss Amy, thank you very much for your time yesterday, it was lovely meeting you in person and had the opportunity to visit the nursery and meet some members of Pippa Pop-ins’ team. I really enjoyed it, and the visit only reinforced our conviction that Pippa Pop-ins would be a great fit for our daughter Olivia and an amazing opportunity for her development and her future. Despite multiple great nurseries in the area, we couldn’t find one that align the school values to ours better than Pippa Pop-ins, starting from teaching children the importance of being kind from a young age.”

Parents of Olivia, November 2022


“On Friday I had the pleasure of seeing the school and spending time with Miss Danielle who kindly took me through the ethos of your approach whilst showing me around what I can only describe as the most wonderful nursery school. I was so impressed with every aspect of Pippa Pop-ins and could not imagine a more perfect environment for Isabella to embark on her learning adventure.”

Parents of Isabella, December 2022


“Was such a pleasure to meet Miss Danielle, she has been so welcoming and we have the feeling that Pippa Pop-ins is the right place for Daniel to embark on his educational journey. The teachers and then whole staff are simply exemplary, and the children and so happy there, which is the most important thing for us as young parents.” 

Parents of Daniel, January 2023


“I had the most wonderful experience. I was very impressed by the positive and bright energy, structure, level of education, the team and lovely children. I visited a lot of nurseries and you are by far the very best institution in every aspects.  Congratulations to all of you for creating this wonderful environment for our children.” 

Parents of Theodore, January 2023


“I was really impressed by what you offer which is not comparable to any other nurseries that I visited: caring stuff, amazing facilities, organic gourmet in-house chef, learning materials and high standard of teaching in a small class setting. It speaks for how much you care about your children. Even your competitors speak very highly of you!”

Parents of Olivia, February 2023


“I very much enjoyed a delightful tour with Miss Rachel today. I was very impressed by the quality of the organisation and the stimulating, open, and friendly environment for the kids Pippa Pop-ins have created. I'm very much hoping we can secure a place for Leo in Autumn Term 2023.”

Parents of Leo, March 2023


“Miss Maxine - thank you so much for the delightful tour and the walk down memory lane, it was heartwarming to see the nursery again. Sophie had such a great time there and talks fondly about it. We really hope to be able to join you again and see Iris too blossom under your care.”

Parents of Iris, April 2023


“Miss Rachel was great in explaining to me everything about your nursery. You're truly doing a fantastic job over there!! I was really impressed; you should be really proud! Can't wait for my son to join you, hopefully as soon as possible!”

Parents of Francisco, April 2023


“We really enjoyed meeting Miss Jane and the team today. The ethos of the nursery, the approach to learning and the nurturing environment really resonate with our family values.”

Parents of Baby S, June 2023


“I would like to thank you once again for your support, I am very happy that Philip will be joining Pippa Pop-ins in September. The kindness and the patience with which you treat the parents I am sure is reflective of the ethos of the school and of the way that our child will also be treated. I just wanted to say this stands out and it is highly appreciated by both of us.” 

Parents of Philip, June 2023


“Our visit only reinforced our conviction that Pippa Pop-ins is the best place for Thea to start her academic journey, and ultimately fulfil her potential and achieve her goals.

Parents of Thea, July 2023