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School Events

Pippa Pop-ins celebrates a mixture of Multi-Cultural Festivals which are incorporated throughout the school calendar.  This enables the children to extend their understanding of the world and different faiths.

Parents are invited to participate in Show and Tell. This can include reading a story, singing songs, playing a musical instrument, making crafts or baked goods or talking about a talent, their job or a subject of interest.

Overview of the School Year



Harvest Festival



New Parent's Presentation (for Spring Term starters)



Festive Show
Fancy Dress Week - Last week of the term


Pippa Pop-ins Birthday

Parents Socials


Valentine's Day


New Parents Presentation (for Summer Term starters)
Mother's Day Celebrations


          Fancy Dress Week - Last week of the term

          Easter Holiday Activities



Dragonflies Curriculum Evenings


          Father's Day Celebrations

Transition Summer Show and Graduation (mid-June)

New Parents Presentation (Autumn Term starters)

          Sports Day (beginning of July)

          Fancy Dress Week - Last week of the term