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School Trips

Children in Dragonflies will go on local trips in the community such as the park, fire station and library/food shops once all the children have turned three years of age. Transition will be taken on trips, these may include Garsons Farm, Natural History Museum, Wetlands Centre, Science Museum, Fulham Palace, or similar educational venues. Transition will go on a Coach that are used for school trips and have the appropriate insurance and seat belts for the children. 


Packed Lunches
For School some school trips we will ask parents to provide a packed lunch.  We feel this adds to the sense of adventure for the children and is an opportunity to talk about healthy eating.  All packed lunches must be nut-free and healthy.


Packed Lunch Suggestions (all to be nut and sesame free)

  • Pasta Salad (with sweetcorn, cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas or beans, chicken, tuna etc)
  • Whole Sandwich (with chicken, tuna and sweetcorn, egg, cheese etc)
  • Pitta Pockets with filling (see above Sandwich filling ideas


The above could be served with the following on the side:

  • carrot,
  • cucumber,
  • bell pepper crudités,
  • chopped fruit or cherry tomatoes, 
  • cubes of cheese
  • sugar free yoghurt